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The Government of Malawi has introduced the new visa regime. This arrangement will not exempt any country where Malawians are required to pay visas except for

a. Nationals from Southern African Development Community (SADC), except for those countries that subject Malawian to a Visa within SADC

b.Nationals from Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) except for those countries that subject Malawian to a Visa within COMESA

c.Diplomats accreditated to Malawi

d.All Diplomatic and Service/Official passport holders coming for official businesses

e. Other ordinary passport holders coming on official government business

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Passports Press Release: View
(a) 2 application forms
(b) 2 passport-size photos
(c) Fees
(e) Onward ticket
(d) Valid passport
(f) Proof of means of support during residence in country.
(g) Letter from company/sponsor, where required.
(h) Self-addressed envelope with stamp

Please note: that in most cases, applications will be processed in 10 working days.

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Visa Application and Requirements form: Download
Registration form for Malawians: Download

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